Ayyyy! It’s Friday

The weekend is here!! If you needing some good dancing music for those weekend festivities don’t forget to purchase the new album, “Continuing the Legacy” by “Danger N The Zydeco Allstars.” Available on Itunes, Cdbaby, and Amazon!

Lockdowne Presents, “Danger N The Zydeco Allstars!

The long awaited album, “Continuing the Legacy” is now available on http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dangernthezydecoallstars. Experience the upbeat zydeco with a flair of hip hop! The combination of Hip Hop, Southern Soul, Reggae, R&B and Zydeco will have you on your feet and bobbing your head to this feel good music

Coming Soon!

The awaited CD: Danger N The Zydeco All Stars is on its way to your stereo! Continuing the Legacy will soon be available to you. So keep yours eyes and ears open and get ready to swing out with your favorite guy/girl!

Freeze Friday!

Today seize the moment in your life. Live life to the fullest! Dance like you’ve never danced! Sing like you’ve never sung! Write like you’ve never wrote! Laugh like you’ve never laughed! And Love like you’ve never loved! Sometimes its good to stop, freeze, and enjoy life!

GROWN FOLKS TALKIN now available

Sharnette Hyter “GROWN FOLKS TALKIN” The new release of Sharnette’s new CD on the Lockdowne Label. is a combination of R&B, Southern Soul, with a dab of Zydeco delivered by the hot vocals of Ms. Hyter does the ear good. This album is packed with features from some of the industry’s top performers such as “Mr. Excitement” Patrick Henry, Zydeco artist J.J Callier, Big Cynthia, Jeter ...[Read More]

Coming Soon!

Everyone be on the look out for the georgeous Sharnette Hyter’s Cd, “Grown Folks Talkin” It has long been anticipated! We will soon be posting information about the Album Release Party!

It’s Thursday!

Its Thursday! The weekend is almost here. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.Take time out to show that special someone how much you care. Now though Valentine’s Day seems to be a required time to do so. Make sure you show them how much you care everyday of the year. Time is precious and life is short. Never take someone for granted! Have a blessed and loving weekend everyone. ...[Read More]