Mike Lockett discusses changes in the music industry

Its 5 o’clock AM I think I’m on hour 8 editing song one for MsX’s cd.

Corrects her pitch corrects her timing ok maybe I need to cut out her breath between these lines. I’ve heard this song so many times I know I’ll still be hearing it in my sleep.

Suddenly my phone rings, DAM are you serious its 5AM!

“Hello” my friend on the other end of the phone tells me he know I would be up

Jokes for a minute and ask to borrow $20.

Before he can say I’ll pay you I stop him yeah I’ve got you.

As I resume editing he calls back, I’m passing food places do you need something?

No I’m good well maybe grab me a cup of coffee from Star Bucks and get you what you like.

I walk out for some air when he pulls up,

Here you go can’t stay I think I’m late for work.

Hands him the money asks how much was the coffee, $10 he said and pulled off.

I walk back in the studio with coffee and fresh air.

DAM!!! It hit me.

I start to think about the ours MSX and I have worked on the cd.

Month’s days many hours. I think about the sacrifices she must have made to pay me.

She has to get her kids situated when she’s recording. It don’t stop there.

She has to take pictures get her hair done for the pictures get her graphics done for the cd.

Oh yes then there are the promotions, running behind radio and club jocks

Passing out flyers hanging up posters

Now here’s the kicker.

After all of this she can sell her CD for $9.99,

Yes the same DAM $10 I paid for two cups of Star Bucks Coffee

That was probably made in ten minutes.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the music industry has changed it does take one to figure out what it’s changing to.

As you drive through your cities and towns I’m sure you notice vacancies or out of business signs on what once was records stores.

But for every brick/model store that closes there’s a digital store

Opening on your favorite Internet Street.

So OK? Is the music business dieing because of bootlegging and lackluster CD sales?

Or is it evolving because of Itunes, Amazon, CDBaby and others?

While the jury is still out on it, one thing I know

Things vary seldom go back.

As the record business transitions from hard disk to digital and streaming,

There will be a chaotic uncertainty in the music industry.

So now as I pounder then verses now

I realize it doesn’t matter,then isn’t coming back.


Mike Lockett CEO Lockdowne Records

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  1. You are truly God’s work…The 8th Wonder Of The World!!!!! I marvel every time I am in your presence…


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