LDR Launches Digital Store

With digital sales increasing and most industry heads predicting the death of hard disk media in the music replication business, LDR/Lockdowne Records is reading the tealeaves…

CEO Mike Lockett announced earlier this year the move was eminent.
“Our customers will have the choice of most of the top digital retailers such as ITunes, Amazon, CDBaby and more.”
Lockett also reaffirmed the company’s continued hard disk sales.
“We will service our customers audio needs no matter the process…”
April 1, is the projected launch date, so stay tuned!!!

Lockdowne Records team up with CVG
Mike Lockett of LDR and Ves Garrett of CVG have agreed on the co-deal to produce and market the new cd from Mr.Excitement Patrick Henry.  The deal was done and production began in mid 2013.  Lockett said, “The deal was a no-brainer.” The good friends have been working together for years.  Beginning with their work on the Kenne’ Wayne “Old Fashion Love” cd in the mid 90s.

“I think it was just a matter of timing to get this done.” says Mike Lockett.  The two speak of a mutual respect for each other’s work glowingly!

The cd titled “Bad Man” is in the mix down stage and is currently scheduled for an April 4th release date.

Lockdowne goes Zydeco?

LDR has teamed up with the hottest band in Zydeco, “Terry And The Zydeco Bad Boys.”
Terry Domingue leader of the group returns to the studio after seven years. During this time he has continued to build and entertain his fan base. After seeing the band at a downtown Lafayette concert in late 2013, LDR’s Mike Lockett approached Terry with the proposal. In early 2014, the band began recording, “Back On Track”. The cd has started presales and will be distributed world wide in late March.

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