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Lockdowne Records, sometimes referred to as LDR or LD Records, is an indy record label. The label signs, produces, records, manufactures, distributes, promotes and markets their artists and products. Their reach includes but is not limited to Louisiana, the USA, and many countries abroad.

Lockdowne Records records and distributes a wide variety of musical styles. The range includes R&B, Gospel, Zydeco, Jazz and Hip-Hop.
The label positions itself to take on any style they deem profitable financially or just from an artistic standpoint.

The record label along with its affiliates relies primarily on digital distributions. An agreement with Amazon, ITunes, CDBaby and other mainstream digital outlets, guarantees a strong Internet presence.
Lockdowne Records still distributes disk products the traditional route with mail outs, sales through distributors, one stops as well as the traditional Mom and Pop stores. LDR’s emphasis is on making sure it’s artist products are available for the consumer no matter the preference.

Recording Studio:
Lockdowne Studios, formally known as “Cagedbird”, has been open and servicing Southwest Louisiana for over 15 years, operating a state of the art Protools HD3 system.
The studio is equipped with top end recording interfaces, a Control-24 hard surface mixing console platformed on a Mac Pro CPU.
Microphones include such high-end names as Neumann, Beyer and the workhorse Shures. The types are dynamics, ribbons and condensers.
Drummers are given the choice between a real wood, fine-tuned acoustic set or the Roland TD-20 electronic kit or a combination of the two.
Midi sequencing can be done in Protools, Reasons or on the Akai MPC-4000 drum machine.
Keyboards include a M-Audio pro key 88-weighted controller, Yamaha MOTIF 7ES, Yamaha MOTIF 6ES, Roland Fantom-G6, Roland Guya, M-Audio VENOM and a Korg Triton Rack.
The Studio also owns a Hammond B3/C3/C4/A100 organ with a 122-Leslie.
Though there’s a large variety of inbox plug-ins ranging from Antares, MCDSP, Slate, Waves and many more, Lockdowne still has outboard effects such as Lexicon, TC Electronics, Yamaha and Roland.
The studio can be rented by the hour, in a block or one price for the project.
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